Iamthemorning – Touching Ii
Haken – Affinity.exe
Genesis – Ripples
Earth And Fire – Atlantis
Eternal Wanderers – So Far And So Near
Ayreon – Excerpt Phase III
Mystery – Beneath The Veil Of Winter’s Face
Big Big Train – Keeper Of Abbeys
Cloverseeds – For Those
Pictorial Wand – Wrath, Pt. Ii – The Beast Within
Kingcrow – The Drowning Line
Perfect Beings – Cryogenia
Depeche Mode – Welcome To My World
Martin Darvill And Friends – The Greatest Show On Earth [part 6)
Comedy Of Errors – Fanfare For The Broken Hearted
Crazy World – I Think I Saw My Brothers Eyes
Pallas – The Cross and the Crucible

Produced by Bjorn Olaf for ISKC Rock Radio

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