Mars Volta – Teflon
Oho – Mrs Extacy
Savatage – Follow Me
Church – Aura
Nickelback – Feed The Machine
Wolfspring – Train’s Gone
Sun Caged – Ashes To Earn
Yes – Fly From Here – Overture
Franck Carducci – Mr. Hyde & Dr. Jekyll (Featuring Michael Strobel)
Comedy Of Errors – Ascension
Steve Thorne – The White Dove Song
Cosmograf – La Iglesia
Carptree – Kicking And Collecting
Big Country – The Longest Day
Opeth – Deliverance
GorMusik – Into The Black Hole
Gentle Giant – The Advent Of Panurge
Galahad Acoustic Quintet – Sir Galahad (Scene One)
National – 90-Mile Water Wall
Riverside – Schizophrenic Prayer
Shadow Gallery – Hope For Us

Produced by Ron de Graaf for ISKC Rock Radio

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