Candiria – While They Were Sleeping
Oho – Mrs Extacy
Steve Thorne – The White Dove Song
Yes – Parallels
Star Tropics – Summer Rain
Jeff Beck – Scatterbrain
Kris Berry – Perfect Storm
Kristoffer Gildenlow – Story Ends
Prophet – Power Play
Gentle Giant – The Advent Of Panurge
Telergy – Astronomer
Dodson And Fogg – Why Not Take Your Time
Riverside – Schizophrenic Prayer
Transatlantic – We All Need Some Light
SBB – Ameryka
Comedy Of Errors – Ascension
Rocket Scientists – Millennium 3
Clannad – Skellig
Millenium – Goodbye My Earth
National – 90-Mile Water Wall
Golden Earring – Twilight Zone
Franck Carducci – Journey Through The Mind
Dave Kerzner – Ocean Of Stars
Queen – Killer Queen
Sebas Honing – Lost
Pocket Size – Pickle Guys
Iron Maiden – Powerslave
Anekdoten – The Great Unknown
Threshold – Unforgiven (Live)
Therion – Son Of The Sun
Galahad Acoustic Quintet – Sir Galahad (Scene One)
Cosmograf – La Iglesia
Tangerine Dream – Hyperborea
Innosense – On And On
Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It
Big Country – The Longest Day
Kryptonite – Better Than Yesterday
Mars Volta – Teflon
Consider The Source – Brother Nature
Crescent Moon – Obsolete Men
Empyrium – Saviour
Next – Strange Mood
Seven Steps To The Green Door – The Last Supper (4th Nail)
GorMusik – Into The Black Hole
Savatage – Follow Me
Colosseum – Backwater Blues
Pain Of Salvation – Gone
Wolfspring – Train’s Gone
Oresund Space Collective – Bon Voyage
Gekko Projekt – Avatar Jones
Church – Aura
Humans – Lightning
Sun Caged – Ashes To Earn
Corvus Stone – Boots For Hire
Unified Past – Peace Remains In This World
Shadow Gallery – Hope For Us
Faust – It’s A Rainy Day & Sunshine Girl
Memory Garden – The Rhyme Of The Elder
Ayreon – The Lighthouse
Nickelback – Feed The Machine
Blue Oyster Cult – Vengeance (The Pact)
The Samurai Of Prog – Jacob’s Ladder
Carptree – Kicking And Collecting