Star One – It All Ends Here
Iamthemorning – Would This Be
Haze – Is That It
Jeff Beck – Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers
Opeth – Closure
Dire Straits – Sultans Of Swing
Mansun – Negative
Arcane – May 26
John Martyn – Solid Air
Disco Inferno – Footprints In Snow
Golden Earring – Sleepwalkin’
Children In Paradise – Esyllt
Dave Brons – Desert Rose
Death Cab For Cutie – Company Calls
Murky Red – Pixelated Friends
The Dream Academy – Gaby Says
Ambeon – Dreamer
Andersonponty Band – I See You Messenger
Cailyn Lloyd – Saturn
Tudor Lodge – Would You Believe?
Scale The Summit – Colossal
Projection – Numb
Bigelf – Money, It’s Pure Evil
Seven Impale – Convulsion
Midnight Oil – My Country
Resonaxis – Mysterium
Unified Past – Smile (In The Face Of Adversity)
Morrighans – Three Circles Of Death
Arena – No Chance Encounter
Symphony X – Without You
Watch – Damage Mode
Inxs – Wishy Washy
Geddy Lee – Still
Pink Floyd – The Final Cut
Sylvium – Media
Damian Wilson – Written In Anger
Crucis – Corto Amanecer
Jethro Tull – Broadsword
Obsidian Kingdom – Away Absent
The Blue Nile – The Downtown Lights
The Young Gods – Kissing The Sun
Kingcrow – This Ain’t Another Love Song
Druckfarben – Dead Play Awake
Pendragon – Am I Really Losing You ?
Riverside – Deprived (Irretrievably Lost Imagination)
Alias Eye – Fake The Right
Believe – Please Go Home
Anima Mundi – Cosmic Man
Tumble Town – Loyal Tears
Pineapple Thief – Shoot First
Resistor – Ether
Elephants Of Scotland – Tfay
Yes – Leave It
James – Moving On
David Bowie – Blackstar
Gathering – Travel (Live)
Knight Area – A Different Man
Tears For Fears – Ready To Start
Rush – The Camera Eye
The Aaron Clift Experiment – Aoide, Goddess Of Song
Kalle Vilpuu – Anomalies
Chroma Key – Colorblind
Decemberists – The Rake’s Song
Gazpacho – Missa Atropos (Live)
Subsignal – The Colossus That Bestrode The World
Obsidian Key – Time
Saga – Show And Tell