Saturday – Metal Mania


Stash – Hold On The Line
Radio Stars – Arthur Is Dead (Let’s Rot)
All Them Witches – Bulls
Voyager UK – Don’t Hold Back
Cop Shoot Cop – Traitor & Martyr
Exarule – Off The Bell
Night Shadow – 60 Second Swinger
Deadxhead – Monster’s Mind
Bongwater – Connie
Gorky Park – Tomorrow
The Flesh Eaters – Pray Til You Sweat
Original Mirrors – Night Of The Angels
Aerian Rage – Destructor
Andy Taylor – Dead On The Money
The Undertones – Wrong Way
VXN – Reach Out And Hold On
707 – Rockin’ Is Easy
Tempest – Let Them In
Alice Donut – Untidy Suicides
PM – I Live In A Hole
Black Flag – Beat My Head Against The Wall
Warbride – Nevermore
The Jesus And Mary Chain – The Living End
Childhoods End – Out On Your Own
Sleepy John – Searching For The World
The Fits – The Time Is Right
Redstorm – Let Me Go
Tad – Satan’s Chainsaw
Bodast – I Want You
Squeeze – Remember What
The Angels – You Got Me Runnin’

Produced by Lucas Biela for ISKC Rock Radio / RadioActive