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We do receive a lot of new Albums, EP’s and Songs here at The ones that fit our format, are highlighted first on this page and are added to our programming. On ISKC Rock Radio we start the week every Monday with 150 new and recently added songs in our section “On A Quest“. After every 40th regular song, we air 2 or 3 new songs in a row.

These new Albums, EP’s and Songs are in the Spotlight this week:

The Boogeymen – Missing Pieces
PBII – Rocket
Swimmer – No Shape
RPWL – A New Dawn
Overture – Requiem for a Dying World
The Samurai of Prog – On We Sail
Discipline – Captives Of The Wine Dark Sea
Northern Lines – The Fearmonger
Johannes Maria Knoll – Transcended
Volumes – Finite (Single)
Glorious Wolf – For You And I (Promo)
Glorious Wolf – Still Luv’ The Bluzz (Promo)
Dreadnaught – Hard Chargin
Sky Architect – Nomad
Comedy of Errors – House Of The Mind
Thomas Konder – LABYRINTH
Galahad – Quiet Storms
Jeff Beck – Blue Wind
Roger Waters – Is This The Life We Really Want

For more information on some of these bands, visit our Artists page.