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We do receive a lot of new Albums, EP’s and Songs here at The ones that fit our format, are highlighted first on this page and are added to our programming. On ISKC Rock Radio we start the week every Monday with 150 new and recently added songs in our section “On A Quest“. After every 40th regular song, we air 2 or 3 new songs in a row.

These new Albums, EP’s and Songs are in the Spotlight this week:

The OHO – Shakespeares And Waterfalls
Black Dreams – My Hell (Single)
Black Dreams – You Are So Beautiful (When You Are Dead And Cold) (Single)
The Green Violinist – Receive & Transmit
Kings Of Moonshine – Iron River
Rory Indiana – Tough Love (Single)
Return To Void – Return To Void
Eva Plays Dead – Spin (Single)
Talitha rise – The Lake (Single)
Edensong – Years In The Garden Of Years
Alan Reed – Honey On The Razors Edge
Mike Tramp – Maybe Tomorrow
Audiofield – The Great Debate
IT – W.A.I.T.T
Mechanical Butterfly – Sparks Within A Downpour (Single)
Viper Arms – Black Aura
Steve Hackett – The Night Siren
My Own Ghost – Life On Standby
O.R.K. – Soul Of An Octopus
Cellar Noise – Alight
Haymarket Riot – Rush Hour (Single)
Haymarket Riot – Eyes On The Prize (Single)
Tim Bowness – Lost In The Ghost Light
Glorious Wolf – Aquarius

For more information on some of these bands, visit our Artists page.