After last week’s Iron Maiden special, we’re back to a regular 2 hour show. However, I will talk a bit more about the music – with backgrounds, and occasional sound bites from artists.
Also, I’m not focusing on all new and small acts any more, but the whole spectrum of bands in prog, and just over the edge of what is apparently prog – the world of Rock.

Savatage – Welcome
Spriggan Mist – The Portal
Circle of Illusion – The Run
Shadow Gallery – The Queen of the City of Ice
Evership – A Slow Descent Into Reality
Colin Tench Project – Welcome To Your World
Colin Tench Project – Squeeky Door Time
Kalle Vilpuu – Rosie
Yes – Roundabout
Rush – Xanadu
Queensrÿche – Roads to Madness
Shits’n’Giggles – Wake Up
Golden Earring – Twilight Zone

Co-hosting on this first fresh, new style edition is a die hard Iron Maiden fan, the (my) beloved DJ Morgana!

Produced by Angelo Hulshout for ISKC Rock Radio

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