Verbal Delirium – Dance Of The Dead
Wolfsmyth – 24
Heart – Down On Me
Disperse – Tether
Jartse Tuominen – Over
Roz Vitalis – Psalm 6 (LP Version)
HayMarket Riot – Rush Hour
Tea Club – Dr. Abraham
Ten Years After – Up In Smoke
Sebas Honing – The Sea Life [single edit]
Djam Karet – No Narration Needed
Ben Craven – Captain Caper (Single Edit)
Kings Of Moonshine – Until Everything Is Gone
Armed Cloud – Mobocracy
Hoobastank – Push Pull
Green Violinist – Gilbraltar’s Theme – Instrumental
IO Earth – Solitude
Three Trapped Tigers – Tekkers
Johannes Maria Knoll – The Sermon On The Mount
Subsignal – Drowning
Cresent Moon – The Lidless Room
Profuna Ocean – SCITS

Produced by Ron de Graaf for ISKC Rock Radio

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