Introducing Lucas Biela

Completely addicted to music in all its forms, I bathed in many various musical seas since my early teen years. Fascinated by metal, I never forgot to expand my horizons way beyond. I used to listen to many radio broadcasts in the nineties (metal, gothic, progressive, guitar-oriented, jazz, classical…) that helped me complete my appreciation and knowledge of music. In 2004, I started contributing building the newly created website Progarchives, and less than ten years later I began to write on a regular basis reviews for various webzines like Lady Obscur, Clair & Obscur, Prog Sphere. In early 2013, I was proposed by Ronald Krauwel to prepare playlists for ISKC webradio, which I accepted without hesitation. Now, I share my spare time between reviews, preparation of playlists, and joggings.

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