El Factor S

Week 33

– LORDS OF BLACK “Innuendo” (Queen)
– TAJ MAHAL “Leaving trunk”
– CHOPPER “Sabia amnesia” (nuevo)
– OMAR HERRERA “El guarda de Cutcsa”
– TARZEN “Romance en la linea”
– LACUNA COIL “Layers Of Time”
– SHAMAN – Fairy Tale (André Matos)
– INNER SANCTUM – “Heaven On Their Minds” (BSO Jesus Christ Superstar)

The S Factor, where music and culture is what matters. An hour of music, information, stories and anecdotes in a proposal of music without borders, ranging from rock to blues, from jazz fusion to metal, from flamenco to baroque music, from rock opera to conceptual albums.
The S Factor, a program where music and culture are the only monologue.

Produced by Ernesto Sclavo for ISKC Radioactive