Saturday – Metal Mania


Blood Money – Lazarus
Trizna – May Be
Tennessee River Crooks – Waiting For A Better Day
Lionheart – Towers Of Silver
Clap – Out Of The Shadows
Unheilig – Einer Von Millionen
The Handsome Beasts – Breaker
Limelight – Dont Look Back
Mother’s Army – Darkside
Section 25 – Knew Noise
Energy Vampires – Footsteps In The Snow (On With Theshow)
Mogollar – Behind The Dark
Vandale – Stilte Voor De Storm
Spider – You Make Me Offers (I Can’t Refuse)
Tyga Myra – Dead Zone
Holland – No Chance
The Crack – I’ll Be There
Things To Come – Darkness
Marseille – Dear Doctor
Savage – Choose Revolution
Cargoe – Come Down
Pantera – All Over Tonight
Raintimes – I Need Tonight
Morning Dew – Cherry Street
Heritage – Misunderstood
10 P.M. – Bridges
Missiles Of October – Satisfaction In Nothing
Life – Sailing In The Sunshine
Trojan – Backstabber
Traitors Gate – Long Way Home

Produced by Lucas Biela for ISKC Rock Radio / RadioActive