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We do receive a lot of new Albums, EP’s and Songs here at The ones that fit our format, are highlighted first on this page and are added to our programming. On ISKC Rock Radio we start the week every Monday with 150 new and recently added songs in our section “On A Quest“. After every 40th regular song, we air 2 or 3 new songs in a row.

These new Albums, EP’s and Songs are in the Spotlight this week:

Glorious Wolf – Zodiak (Single)
John Hackett Band – We Are Not Alone
Harakrankka – The Mist
Shibassy – Clean Ears
Koyo – Koyo
Time Collapse – Night to Day
VUUR – In This Moment We Are Free
Ten Years After – A Sting In The Tale
UFO – The Salentino Cuts
Guano Apes – Proud Like a God XX (20th Anniversary Edition)
Gentle Giant – Three Piece Suite (Steven Wilson Mix)
Tim Burness – Whose Dream Are You Living
Sad Blood – Little Love Letters (Single)
Phoenix Calling – Time Runs Out (Single)
COBURG – The Enchantress
Lunatic Soul – Fractured

For more information on some of these bands, visit our Artists page.