Week 34

Earthshine – The Body Electric
Nynningen – Efterdyning
Ritual – Questioning The Shadow
Carlos Paredes – Lisboa E O Tejo
Was (Not Was) – In K-Mart Wardrobe
Die Partei – Strahlsund (Limburg Brd ’82)
Maria Beraldo – Eu Te Amo
Louis De Mieulle – Bed Of Nails, Part 5 (2nd Meditation)
Number Nine Bread Street – Girl For All Seasons
Rafiq Babayev – In Springtime 2
Meta Meta – Osanyin
Susanne Abbuehl – Bathyal
Haxan Cloak – The Men Parted The Sea To Devour The Water
Rene George Schenderling – It’s The Only Way
Tucker Zimmerman – The Roadrunner

Produced by Lucas Biela for ISKC Rock Radio