Thousand Sun Sky – A Game Of Placebo
Drontheim – Deadlight
Atrox – System Scan
Behind The Curtain – Snap
Azusa – Heavy Yoke
Hexenhaus – Phobia
Jordsjo – Nattfiolen (Demo)
Macabre – Dog Guts
Master Boot Record – IRQ 2 Cascade
Micah Smith – Dark Days Ahead (Feat. Joshua Fallin)
Shrezzers – Mystery (Feat. Dmitry Demyanenko)
Shrezzers – E.M.M.J.I.Q.U.E.E.N. (Feat. Jared Dines & Twild)
Veilburner – Panoramic Phantoms
Soul Cages – Pressure
Redhead Project – Something To Live For: Part I
Antithesis – Deceiver Within
Sound Struggle – Rise
Tritonus – The Quantum And The Lotus
Dark Third – The Dreams Of Lesser Men

Produced by Rune Belsvik Reinas for ISKC Rock Radio

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