Week 34

Wandering Vagrant – The Hourglass
Fizbers – Truth
Pink Floyd – Ibiza Bar
Balloon – Everything
Fairport Convention – Sloth
Day Six – Age Of Technology
Marillion – If My Heart Were A Ball, It Would Roll Uphill
Blackfield – Faking
Karnivool – Roquefort
Karfagen – Natural Charm
Lunatic Soul – Out On A Limb
Mystery – Superstar
Amplifier – White Horses At Sea
Deus – Sister Dew
Archive – Sane
Alquin – Revolutions Eve
Ayreon – Planet Y Is Alive
Arcane – Holding Atropos
It Bites – The Last Escape
Rush – Marathon

Produced by Ron de Graaf for ISKC Rock Radio