Red Box – The Sign
Cresent Moon – Of Aphids And Ants
Rush – Force Ten
Arena – No Chance Encounter
OSI – Cold Call
Soen – Orison
Porcupine Tree – Collapse The Light Into Earth
Pink Floyd – Lost For Words
Anathema – Universal
Deeexpus – Marty And The Magic Moose
Kansas – Carry On Wayward Son (Live In US 2017 (Edit))
Lunatic Soul – A Thousand Shards Of Heaven
Dream Theater – Misunderstood
Johannes Maria Knoll – Crucifixion
Chroma Key – Colorblind
Anima Mundi – Flowers
UFO – Too Rolling Stoned
Rick Wakeman – Roundabout
Mario Soutschka – Alcohol.wav
Paul Mccartney – Girlfriend
Fish – The Field

Produced by Ron de Graaf for ISKC Rock Radio