Week 34

Marbin – Whiskey Chaser
Profuna Ocean – Hanging In The Balance
Jouis – All That Is And Is One
Anuryzm – Mineral
Dark Beauty – Wicked Dollhouse
Elephants Of Scotland – Swing The Gavel
Bigelf – High
Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate – Broken Wave
Echolyn – Warjazz
Fates Warning – Theory Of Flights
Marco Minnemann – Celebration
Gekko Projekt – This Is Now Our Home
Abacus – Spanish Armada
Seconds Before Landing – Big Train
Special Providence – Northern Light
Colin Tench Project – The Mad Yeti
Lizard – Destruction And Little Pieces Of Cheese
Solstice Coil – The Bargain
Our Oceans – What If

Produced by Angelo Hulshout for ISKC Rock Radio