Lost Crowns

Lost CrownsFull.jpg

Lost Crowns assault the mind with the densely detailed songs of Richard Larcombe (Stars In Battledress). There “isn’t half” a lot going on. Complex drum patterns, bass and guitar parts with a lot of notes and hardly any gaps, the keyboards have to play each other at times there’s so much to do, with the clarinet, harmonium and voices weaving through the middle like a twisting country road that can’t shift an inch left or right in case it strays onto someone else’s territory BUT they play it and sing it with the relaxed air of a druggy jam. Will the head leave the body? It will if Lost Crowns have anything to do with it.

“A rich, unfolding master-craftsman’s confection… complex, artfully-meandering songs built from delightfully byzantine chords and arpeggios that cycle through ever-evolving patterns like palace clockwork; accompanied by rich, lazy clouds of hilarious, hyper-literate, wonderfully arcane lyrics; all sealed by an arch, out-of-time English manner which (in tone and timbre) falls into a never-was neverworld between Richard Sinclair, Stephen Fry, Noel Coward and a posh, Devonian Frank Zappa.” – Misfit City

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